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This article is divided into 7 sections (Introductory section, Xonotic project, Defence of the Core project, Overkill project, Xonotic Vehicles project, Frostbite project, and MoN group section) each containing useful information on the specific subject. Feel free to look around.


In past years MoN has been involved in loads of (video game) software developments. Some of these projects has been released. Below you can find a couple of these projects and read a brief description about each. The projects below are mostly related to Xonotic project which is also powered by some MoN members and many other contributors around the globe.

 Xonotic project

Did you enjoyed iconic classic FPS games like Quake and/or Unreal Tournament or perhaps other fast paced alike FPS games? If the answer is YES, then we highly recommend you to give Xonotic a try!

  Xonotic is a free and open-source first-person shooter video game. It was developed as a fork of Nexuiz, following controversy surrounding the game's development. The game runs on a heavily modified version of the Quake engine known as DarkPlaces engine. Gameplay is inspired by Unreal Tournament and Quake, but with various unique elements 

Xonotic logo on black background. Logo by Xonotic team

 Xonotic website

In case you are interested to give Xonotic a try you can download latest version directly. Consider visiting the official Xonotic website for more information. Xonotic runs on the following operation systems: Linux, Windows, and Mac.

 Defence of the Core

DotC is a Xonotic modification. A Xonotic version's of MOBA/ARTS if you will. Does the game mod Defense of the Ancients (DotA) sounds familiar to you? Well just try DotC, you might like it.

DotC promotional media. By SoulKeeper_p

 DotC website

Update: Unfortunately DotC project is no longer active. You can still find the official DotC website, although chances are very low to be able to find any DotC servers.


In case the already fast paced game Xonotic is not fast enough for you, one alternative suggestion could be Overkill. This ultra fast paced and over the top mod is amazingly amusing. Just go for it.

Overkill promotional media. By SoulKeeper_p

 Overkill website

For official Overkill website, follow this link.

 Xonotic Vehicles

Xonotic has Vehicles, did you know that! Battle your way with Bumblebee, Racer, Raptor, and Spiderbot.

Xonotic Vehicles screenshots.

 Xonotic Vehicles website

Visit official Xonotic website and download Xonotic, from there find a vehicles server or even host one yourself.


A class based multiplayer shooter game. Simplicity, pure fun and team play are the core aspects of Frostbite. Originally intended as a mod of Nexuiz.

Frostbite promotional media. By Morphed

 Frostbite website

Bare in mind that frostbite is no longer an active project, nevertheless you can read more about this project on frostbite website.


MoN is just a group of international developers.

MoN promotional media. By SoulKeeper_p

 MoN website

If you wish to read more, please head over to official MoN website.